Photo Shoot!!!

This is going to be a rather lengthy post … but it’s mostly pictures 🙂

I have a major backlog of cowls and scarves that need to be photographed and today was the day it finally got done… okay a portion of it got done, but it’s progress.

Previous to this photo session our pictures were just basic and in front of a white back drop, I was told to do this by a number of people on Etsy. However after listening to some advice from an actual photographer on TheCraftStar I decided to change things up a bit.


Needless to say we had a fun day.


No makeup, this is before the shoot. Someday I plan on doing a make-up tutorial since a few people have asked for one. I now have some before and after pictures! I generally only wear makeup for photo sessions so I’m a bit out of practice.

After makeup… man i really need to clean my mirror! Gross!


Moving on.

New oatmeal cowl, made from Peruvian highland wool, 100% ecological wool

Isis decided to grace us with her presence … for all of 5 seconds before she started chasing butterflies again.

The Rainbow Scarf! This bad boy is about 10ft long, I need to remeasure to be sure, but it’s huge!! Silky soft and knit with vegan yarn.

I had to rock my sunglasses in a few shots to give my eyes a break, you can see the colors in the scarf, and the pattern much better in this shot.

Last but not least, the Lacework Cowls are back again this year! I had a ton of requests for them last year so I decided to add them again this season. So far I’ve got this pink, and a green. And can do a various array of colors.



All of these items can be found at:


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Love Etsy?

Some of you out there in craft land may have heard about the newest Etsy kerfuffle. If you haven’t and you are a buyer/seller on Etsy it may be something you want to look into. Long story short Etsy everyday has this amazing coveted Featured Seller spot on their front page it is supposed to represent the best of Etsy and what Etsy stands for. Well a few days ago the Featured Seller on Etsy was found out to be a Re-Seller, she in fact did not make any of the products she was selling but imported already made items from Bali and sold them as handmade. Another big problem I had was her “Feedback Left for Others” most of it, pages of it is all negative with no explanation as to why. Now this is supposed to be the best of etsy? A seller who leaves pages upon pages of negative feedback?! That’s a red-flag for me. Also the tagline of her shop is “Created with Integrity”

EcologicaMalibu is the name of her shop. She is also selling on amazon and

NOW instead of Etsy owning up and saying “oops our bad” and closing her shop (since re-sellers are against their TOU’s) they changed their policies to allow re-sellers. So now real handmade artists have to compete with people importing things from other countries and selling them as handmade. Etsy is supposed to be a handmade marketplace where the sellers are creating everything they are selling, I feel like it no longer is.

I am just one person, I design all of my items, I knit all of my items, I do all of my advertising, I buy all of my supplies, I pack and ship all of my sold items…. One woman operation. I went to Etsy because my business is truely handmade but now with what etsy is becoming I can no longer compete there. There is no way I can compete against factory made knit goods.

It’s taken me a few days to mull this over and write up this post. Originally I wasn’t going to even say anything on my blog about it because there is so many shops in the forums on Etsy saying how talking about it is what is driving away buyers. And in my opinion that just isn’t true. I am a buyer on Etsy, I try very hard to get my buttons and yarn supplies either locally or from other etsy artists. I no longer feel comfortable doing this. I don’t have the time to investigate every shop that I wish to buy from to make sure they are indeed handmade. And as a buyer I’d be upset if the shops I buy from where not distressed about this! So this is why i’m sharing it with others, buyers should be aware that they are going to have to be very careful when buying on Etsy. It is unfortunate but true.

Since this all started my views have been horrendous! I used to have over 100+ views a day from Etsy’s search engine now i’m lucky if I get 5. My items are no longer being found and people say that these new rules and this scandal is not hurting their shops, well it’s hurting mine. And I do not blame buyers at all for leaving Etsy they are losing their credibility every day they do nothing about this horrible situation. People will say it’s the negative forum posts driving the buyers away but that simply is not the case, this has been all over the national news here in the US, it’s now on Wikipedia and I’ve been seeing it pop up on blogs all over the place.

I no longer feel passionate about promoting Etsy, so I wont. My shop will remain open until I launch my new website

At first I got very mad about this issue, but now i’m just sad and disappointed that a venue that housed so many great artists has sold out and is slowly becoming the next Ebay. It’s truly unfortunate that greed, money and power control and run everything we do.


Oh and before I post all of the links the reseller in question had her “lawyer” send cease and desist letters to anyone talking bad about her … well a lawyer responded to it and it’s hilarious, best thing i’ve ever seen.

So here are the links


This is the most updated post about the scandal

Original article from Regretsy

No you cease and desist

The place she’s buying her “handmade furniture from”



I look forward to launching my own .com and who knows, maybe Etsy will turn this around and go back to it’s roots and be a true handmade marketplace.  If you want to buy from my shop but do not wish to have your money going to etsy with their fees and such please feel free to contact me i’d be happy to work with you. This is what I am doing with the shops I buy yarn from.


My First Cable Project – Link Cable Stitch

Instead of packing more today I decided to take a break and dig out my new cable needles. I picked them up at A Likely Yarn before I headed up to Maine and hadn’t yet had a chance to use them. And since i’ll be putting the shop back on vacation mode while we move I thought it’d be nice to be able to re-open the shop with some really cool new stuff. Like cabled coffee cup cozy’s!

I also want to start doing video tutorials on my website, but that’ll take a bit longer to get started.

Today i’m sharing with you my first cabling project and the pattern will be at the end of the pictures.
Cabling is a lot easier than I thought it would be! My only difficulty is forgetting to count! haha but this is my simpler than the lace patters I’ve been working on recently.

  • Needles: Size 7 bamboo yarn (same size I use for dish cloths) + a cabling needle
  • Yarn: 100% Peruvian Highlands Wool

and a bit of patience is all you need ❤


 Link Cable
worked over 12sts 

Rows 1, 3 and 5 (RS) K12

Rows 2, 4 and 6 P12

Row 7 C6B, C6F

Row 8 as Row 2




And I’ll of course be uploaded a finished picture when I’m done ❤ and will hopefully have a whole bunch to add to the shop when all this moving craziness has settled.
and as always using coupon code WORDPRESS gets all my readers free shipping off everything in my shop ❤

Oh Monday you are so unwelcome

Last night while lying in bed I decided I would no longer put off working out … So bright and early this morning *before coffee* I popped in my Jillian Michaels DVD and got to work. The theory being if I start my workout before i’m fully awake I wont have a chance to talk myself out of it. And when i’m finished there will be a fresh hot pot of coffee waiting downstairs for me. Well, so far so good. I did Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, and then continued to punish myself with the 6 week 6 pack. Tomorrow i’ll be surprised if I can even walk. My thighs are already killing me.

 ^I used to be able to do that … I’d like to be able to do it again…

I’m not working out to be “skinny” or whatever. I’m thin, i’m just horribly out of shape. I want to eat better, do yoga more, and be more fit. Working from home has allowed me to slack off more and i’m now working to correct that. Laziness is not a habit I want to have.

Well in other fun things, I got some more yarn!

The craft room is getting a tad bit out of control haha. That’s just the full skeins of yarn… the rest is in baskets under the desk. I’ve started making lists at the begging of each week of what I want to accomplish as far as projects go. This week, it’s a custom order headband (which i just finished this morning) I got some new cotton yarn for dish cloths so i’d like to get those done, and a purple and coral scarf I started last week that needs to be finished. And any custom orders I get this week take priority of course but that’s the plan so far. Also still trying to make one coffee cozy or bracelet every day so I have something new to list daily. Helps keep the shop moving I think.

At the beginning of last week I also got in 700 new buttons, on top of the 500+ I ordered a few days prior to that. They are all now sorted by color into their respective little baggies =) Sorting buttons might just be one of my favorite things of the week!

So, since it’s Monday, another cup of coffee is required, and i’ll start in on some dishcloths!! ❤






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Got some new yarn!

So … last week, it was rainy and gross all week long, and by the end of the week I was suffering from some mild cabin fever. Not having a car and working from home has its downfalls. So … what fixes a sour mood … well other than Darren Criss without a shirt … Shopping. So not having a car and all I did some online shopping, which started at Forever21 searching for some new accessories. I really want to get some new rings, maybe a skinny belt, and I’d love a new watch. Well I found all those things and more, some cute tops for only $6 how can you pass that up, plus the belt was only $1.50! It’s not exactly high quality but at the rate I lose things I don’t really mind. So I was all set to check out and for whatever reason paypal was being glitchy and wouldn’t let me check out and I didn’t want to use my debit card. So I didn’t get anything and I was in an even more sour mood because I had found the cutest stuff. So I went to the only place I knew my paypal card worked. Etsy. And finally got some of the yarn on my wish list.

These were my first purchase, then it kind of just snowballed, but everyone is having such good deals!!! I couldn’t pass it up
The torquoise yarn is 100% cashmere and was only 8 Dollars, It arrived today, and I ordered it on Friday! Talk about awesome customer service!

So after my yarn craving was satisfied I went over to Miriiams shop for some more buttons….

And I ordered about 700 more buttons …. I have a slight addiction … I can’t seem to help myself. I also ordered some more T-Shirt yarn since I started making these for the shop.

I’m so happy the shop has been doing really well this month, and it’s only the 6th, we’ve already had a few international orders, and I just finished up another Custom Order! So busy, and it’s so terrific!
I just finished the yellow scarf, it’s soooo long!!! It’ll be perfect for the spring collection!

We’re still doing free shipping until February 14th!
And I’m taking customer orders!

Feel free to drop me a line ❤


Hand-spun and Hand-dyed Yarns

I LOVE yarn … which is pretty obvious judging by my profession … and the more I use hand-dyed and hand-spun yarns the more I fall in love with them … totally swoon worthy.

So these are some that are on my wishlist… which my favorites on etsy have pretty much become a shopping cart haha

This is from YarnGeekFibers on

… actually of of these are from Etsy.

From LittleMonkeySnS

From Snowberrylime

From SpinSpanSpun

I could go on for days … just listing the yarns I want haha…

Well, I’ve got some new things listed today, it’s been pretty productive even though it’s  Monday. Pretty well caught up on everything and I’m taking custom orders again, getting back into the swing of things. So if you need anything 😉 i’m you’re girl!

Still doing the free shipping deal until valentines day. and will probably do another coupon for St Patrick’s day, maybe.

I’m working on a new scarf design for spring right now, and if i like it i’ll be taking color suggestions! Right now i’m working with this really pretty yellow, light bamboo yarn. It’s sooo soft! I’m already know i’m going to have a hard time selling it instead of keeping it for myself ❤

Also, the newest book in the Whichlight series came out … and I’m trying desprately not to devour it in one sitting!!

… well, back to knitting …


My newest crafty project <3

Okay, so for my Etsy shop I make  a lot of “Cup Cozies” and they’re a big hit, but the ones I’ve been making for the past year are for travel mugs primarily and don’t fit on mugs unless your mug doesn’t have a handle. So I’ve been trying to figure out a pattern for Mug Cozies and I’m happy to report I have succeed!










^Travel mug sleeve (way better than cardboard!)


On to the new cozies!


























In other news we are 15 fans away from our Facebook giveaway! We do a giveaway every 50 fans! If you haven’t already like us on facebook at


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Things I love Thursday

So this is my first Things I Love Thursday on my new blog. Just to forewarn you most (if not all) of the things on my Thursday are from my personal Etsy Favorite list.

This is a Cosmetic organizer from BlackForestCottage on
This is brilliant, it is however $55 and I can’t afford that but I do think it would
make a great DIY project!

This is my life HAHA. I love this button from Allegrae on
I need this in a poster size to go in my craft room haha

Another sign that would be great anywhere in my house and ONLY $15
This sign is from an amazing shop TheHomeSpunRaven

This is an awesome necklace! I don’t think it really needs an
explanation. This necklace is by PianoBenchDesings on


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Grab a cup of coffee and let’s catch up.

Well Thanksgiving was a BLAST! I hope everyone had a great time at their feasts!

Erin and her boyfriend left to go back to Cape Cod this morning, and James went to work so for the first time in 5 days the house was silent! It’s nice having family around but I am happy to be back to my routine. I feel very behind with my shop right now, I usually knit for hours every day and didn’t have a chance this weekend (not that i’d trade spending time with family for knitting haha!) This morning I got straight to work on a new Headband/Neckwarmer like this one

Only the new one is a light green

I was so excited when I sold the white one over the weekend. I wasn’t sure if they would sell or not.
Cyber Monday was GREAT for Etsy! and I’m happy to report my shop did well over the weekend!

Today to catch up on some of my knitting I worked on more coffee cup cozy’s, I made 2 green and a brown one today, I can’t wait to show off some of my new button finds! I have some cool metal Celtic knots and an Irish Claddagh ring button

This is an example of one of my Cozy’s. This one is just a basic red one with a white stripe around the top.

I’m also working on getting more scarves like this one listed


Well moving on from Etsy stuff

Now that I’m back to my regularly scheduled program of a life, i’m happy to report I worked out today! I am still doing the Ballet Body workout and finding it a lot of fun ( My thighs are killing me), and a total throwback to my dance classes, which is fantastic! I also did AM 20 minute yoga today as well and am planning on doing the PM 20 minute yoga with James tonight and making that a habit we get into. And along with getting back in shape now that thanksgiving is over we’ll be back to eating healthy! I can’t wait to start gardening this spring, i’m having so much fun researching the urban gardening stuff and coming up with idea’s that we can do to grow all of our own fruits and veggies next year.

I just finished the second book in the “A Modern Witch” series by Debora Geary which was AWESOME! After I finish the 3rd book, which just came out I will do a book review on it. First I have to find it for my e-reader though. Which brings me to a new topic E-READERS!
I have a Sony Pocket E-Reader and I LOVE IT! I’ve had it for 3-4 years now, not quite sure, but I’ve had it since it came out.  BUT it is getting old, and it’s just not as quick as some of the new ones. I would really like a touch screen one. Maybe I’ll write Santa and ask for one for Christmas 🙂 I’ve always disliked the E-Readers that weren’t E-Ink but the Kindle Fire might make me change my mind … who knows, maybe my Etsy shop will make enough money I can buy one for myself for my birthday! Even if I couldnt’ get the Kindle Fire, the Kindle Touch is only $99 dollars right now which is less than I spent on the one I have now

That’s all for now, I”m going to start knitting some dish cloths …