Sick of the 2 party system

I know I am.

Personally I am fiscally conservative, but very socially tolerant. Social issues matter a lot to me and I don’t feel comfortable voting for someone who wishes to take away planned parenthood, and doesn’t believe in equal rights for all, no matter your sexual orientation.

We need someone in the middle. Someone who will take the good from Republicans, and take the good from Democrats and mash them together … well we have that. It’s called Libertarian. And there is a Libertarian running for president.

Gary Johnson

So. Just some quick examples of some issues I strongly care about.

Marriage Equality:

Obama: Thinks that it should be left up to the states.

Romney: When he was governor he urged the US Senate to pass the Federal Marriage Amendment which says marriage is limited to only one man and one woman.

Johnson: “Government should not impose its values upon marriage. It should allow marriage equality, including gay marriage. The definition of marriage should be left to religions and individuals – not government.” So basically if certain churches don’t wish to marry gay couples that is their right. Not all churches believe this.

War on Drugs:

Obama: “There were approximately 100 marijuana raids under the Obama administration in the first 2.5 years, while during all eight of the Bush years, there were only about 200.

Romney: Strongly opposes making marijuana available for medical reasons. Supports federal raids on medical marijuana facilities operating in accordance with state law.

Johnson:  Acknowledges the War on Drugs has failed, advocates legalization of marijuana immediately.


Obama:  The national debt has increased more—almost $5 trillion—during 3 1⁄2 years under President Obama than it did during the entire 8 years of the Bush Administration.

Romney:  In March, 2009, said the TARP bailouts were necessary. In Sept., 2009, said he is opposed to bailouts.

Johnson: Pledges to submit a balanced budget to Congress in his first year in office. As Governor, vetoed 750 bills and exercised thousands of line-item vetoes to limit out-of-control spending.


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So if this is the first time you’re hearing about Gary Johnson and after watching last nights debate you are less than thrilled with those candidates, instead of voting for the lesser of two evils you have the option to vote for a third party!



Everyone should vote, but everyone should make an INFORMED decision  and not just listen to the main stream media! Look at ALL of your options, not just the two party system.