First step towards renovating the kitchen

So our fridge broke … we originally thought it was just frozen up or something because it was sweating everywhere. So we thawed it out but no such luck .. turns out it was just dying a slow painful death. Well upon moving the fridge we discovered a nice mess of mold on the walls and a floor so filthy it looked as if it could have been sub-floor and not the actual linoleum that the previous owner had put down. I didn’t take any pictures, I should have just to show how clean the floors are now even thought they still look filthy, I can’t wait to get rid of the linoleum and get tile!

This was our kitchen before.

As you can see the only counter space is where the drying rack lives which is a portable butchers block. And that is the old leaky fridge there in the corner.

We’ve done some minor rearranging to utilize the space we have, this fall we’ll be tearing out the wall that the stove is currently sitting against and expanding the kitchen into the next room (which is a small bathroom) and the room after that is the dining room/pantry so we’re basically just opening the whole thing up to make it look bigger than it really is.

This was taken shortly after the lowes movers left, before I moved things around.

the fridge is an absolute beast!  but where we live 45 minutes away from the nearest town we need all the storage space we can get!

After moving the coffee table over under the window. This pegboard needs to come down but the screws holding it in are stripped so that’s on the honey do list 😉

The coffee bar

Please ignore the mess i’m still trying to figure out where i’m going to put some things. We found this cutting board/counter-top in a closet so we used to L brackets to extend some counter space for me. The only problem with this is that the hood for the stove is no longer over the stove. We don’t use it much anyway but still looks funny.


Tomorrow look for a garden update! Also new photos from the Greenhouse Project!