New Blog!

Just a quick post about a new blog I’ve started called Big Dog Adventures. It’s a blog from the perspective of Isis, Athena and Zeus. They all have such huge personalities it’s proving to be a lot of fun! So if you’d like to delve further into the antics of my crazy brood of animals please check it out!

New blog!

So this being my first post on wordpress it’s pretty obvious i’m new. I have a blog on blogger but have been told over and over again to blog here instead or in addition too. So I figured i’d give it a try. I am new to blogging in general and to be completely honest I get into good weeks and sometimes months where i blog everyday, then something happens and i fall of the blogging blanwagon and don’t blog for days or even months.

But since this is my first time here I figured I’d tell you a little about me ❤

Well first off, Hi my name is Michaela and I live in TN. I moved here a year ago from Maine with my boyfriend. Back in Maine I studied Culinary Arts for 4 years and was a pastry chef at a local restaurant. Cooking and crafts is my passion. Last September I opened an Etsy shop for my hand knit accessories and have been selling for over  year now. I love designing and creating new things and that is what my blog will mostly be about. I am a big believer in DIY, why pay for something you can make or do yourself for a fraction of the cost?

I am also a huge geek and it all started with Lord of the Rings. I’ve always been an avid reader and science fiction and fantasy hold a special place in my heart. I just started getting into console games, we just got a Wii and we have an xbox360. I’m very behind when it comes to video games but my friends are catching me up. Right now i’m playing Zelda Twilight Princess, then I plan on playing Fable 2&3 then starting with the TES games starting with Morrowind.

So if you follow this blog, look forward to a bunch of DIY crafting ideas, fashion and beauty, random things I find on Etsy, books I think you should read, new recipes I try, video games i’m frustrated at because i’m a noob, and current projects i’m working on for my own Etsy shop.