New pattern ideas!

For the past few days I’ve been toying with some patterns


Sketchbooks full of chicken scratch that a friend says looks like science haha. Well I can safely say I think I’ve perfected the basic hobo glove, which was giving me some trouble in and around the thumb area. And the bows are coming out very well using the seed stitch texture, i tried about half a dozen different stitches before i settled on that one. I’ve also decided I need to get into the habit of writing down my patterns instead of just attempting to knit them from memory.






Peasant Skirts and the Boho Chic look

A dear friend of mine and fellow artist (Huggie, from has completely made my summer by letting me borrow her sewing machine. I’ve been holding out forever to buy one simply because i’m terrified i’ll use it for a week then never touch it again. But I’d really like to expand my shop to more than just knit items (like backing some winter cowls with fleece), I’ve already listed some of my new paintings that i’d been holding off on forever but I brought them to the craft show and got a ton of positive feedback so I listed some of the smaller paintings. I’m terrified to ship the larger prints, i’ve gotten some pretty mangled parcels from USPS  in the past and I’d be really upset if that’s how one of my paintings arrived to a customer.

So the sewing machine. I want to make my own clothes, simple stuff, wrap skirts and dresses, peasant tops and tank tops, nothing flashy or fancy just the basics. and I just can’t find that stuff online that’s reasonably priced. I also want a cape, more specifically a travelers cloak. I’ve got my dream closet on pinterest that I’ve been pulling inspiration from. . I love fashion and style and beauty and I think i’m finally finding my own unique style. I’ve graduated from graphic tshirts and jeans! Yay! Etsy has been a wonderful place to find some of these pieces and fingers crossed some might just be making their way into my closet soon!

Some of my favorites from Etsy for this boho chic look:

I’ve got a ton more too, you can view all of  my etsy favorites at:


Sneak peak at nail polish for this week:

Outfit Planning

So I’ve recently discovered Polyvore thanks to my Pinterest addiction and now I’m a Polyvore addict!

If you don’t know what Polyvore is, it’s basically a fashion website, well not just fashion there’s home decor too, but you take a blank template and create your own whatever. Outfit, room, etc … I’ve only dabbled in the outfit making so far and you can find ANYTHING! PLUS you can upload pictures so, this is my new way to make outfits before I wear them complete with accessories, makeup, shoes, and nail-polish! It’s a great way to see how everything fits together.

I also want to start adding my knit items too my Polyvore so when I make an outfit I can add them. I think it helps people see how a specific piece would work in-cooperated into an outfit.

Here are a few outfits I’ve made so far.

*This probably speaks volumes about how I find ways to procrastinate instead of cleaning ❤


This I made before a double date James and I went on back when it was still cold out.

Basic summer look. Comfy, casual. I have an orange tank top like this but i’d really like more! They are so cute!

This is my most recent outfit, based on what I wore yesterday. After spending a week in Maine bitching because it was freezing (literally below 30 most of the week) it was nice to come home to 75 degree weather!


I also just finished up a bunch of new braided t-shirt yarn bracelets for my shop. I’m totally addicted haha.


























These are just some of the newest colors. Thirtyone13 has been amazing for making me custom listings of her tshirt yarn so I can buy it all at once. <— her shop


Random Thought: Since I usually write my posts in the morning, i’m thinking about just adding a line or two about what kind of coffee we’re brewing that day. 


Today’s Roast: Starbucks: Shade Grown Mexican. … . … . Currently on my first cup. Full, flavorful, but not too bold.





Top 5

 5 of My Favorite Trends
[at the moment]
I change my mind about what I like on an almost daily basis depending on my mood haha, girls gotta have options! 

So this is my top 5 favorites at the moment!

Cute jewelry that expresses your personality and interests ❤ This is one of my favorites!
From a fellow etsy seller, you can view her site here

Bold outerwear! Red is totally in right now and Pea Coats are always in style!
I just bought a black Calvin Klein pea coat for my birthday very similar to this one
I love dying my hair and red is one of my favorite colors to dye it so I try to avoid red staples in my wardrobe.
But this coat rocks! 

I’m not usually an early adopter but I was desperate for a Kindle Fire, I had my old E-Reader for years and it was dying an agonizing death so for my birthday/christmas I upgraded! and I couldn’t be happier!

Hairbows, let’s talk hand knit bows! How cute!! InezGill is AMAZING! I can’t say it enough!
Another Etsy seller! I highly suggest checking out her site!

Slouchy boots! But really any boots! LOVE knee high boots!


Cute Hairstyles i’m totally into at the moment

So a few months ago now I got my hair cut off … it used to be half way down my back.. and now it’s barley touching my shoulders. It’s not that I wanted to cut it per-say but the split ends were tiresome and multiplying so one day I was just fed up and got it chopped off… now I’m not a lazy person … okay I am. but only in the sense that I really only do my hair and put makeup on if I intend on leaving the house … which since I work from home and also ship all of my orders from the comfort of my home I dont’ get out much. which leads me to feel guilty for never looking ‘pretty’ for my boyfriend with whom I live with (I know I know I’m a heathen, unwed and living with my boyfriend, scandalous) *rolls eyes* so anyway I used to love braiding my hair in a basic braid off to the side, simple, cute, and better than throwing it up in a messy bun. Totally hassle free. Well my favorite lazy hairstyle is now lost to me, i have too many wispy hairs that get out … so last night it dawned on my ‘OH French Braid!’ I love the off to the side French braids that, they’re like braided headbands and so cute and perfect for keeping my short layers out of my face!

 Now my hair isn’t this long anymore, but it’s the top “headband” part I am in love with.

 You could even do sophisticated! How cute is that! Sleek and stylish!

using random pictures from the ever lovely Google, this is what I ended up with

 Please excuse my giant spongebob glasses, this one came out kind of dark so I took another..

There now we can see it a little better. So, not perfect, this is also my first time French braiding, not to shabby if I do say so myself. It’s not like I’m strutting the red carpet today, just babysitting. But hey, changing up your hairstyle is never a bad idea!



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