Obsessed with cables

Seriously, I might have a problem. I LOVE knitting cables!!!!



Just finished and listed this orange travel mug sleeve on etsy

And this one I listed yesterday on TheCraftStar ! These sleeves might be my new favorites!!

And this is a work in progress mug sweater! Cabled of course!

So I got the flu ….

Well … I’m alive … I survived … It was a rough few days … ugh, I’m still exhausted.

I feel so behind on everything now.

So yeah, that awesome flu that goes around every year … that I never get! Well apparently working from home and hardly ever going outside lowers your immune system … So James and I both got the bug, I got it about 8 hours after him, which worked out well enough because I could take care of him through the worst of it and vice versa …

The only good thing about this is i managed to lose some weight after ya know not eating for 2-3 days.

I think the biggest disapointment over the whole thing though was that the days I was sick were the only sunny days this week …. which means I haven’t got a lot of new products listed … :-\ booooo but i’m working on it, maybe the sun will peek out for a bit today.

I’m really excited a new Debora Geary book is coming out sometime soon 🙂 so that’s something fun to look forward too!

Also this weekend should be fun/busy …

I feel like this whole post is just rambling information … please bear with me … i’m only on coffee number 1 today. Posts should be back to normal tomorrow 🙂 or heck even later today maybe. Haven’t done a beauty/fashion post in a while. Or a Culinary post for that matter … maybe that’ll be a goal for me next week … more recipes .. hmm…


If you have an suggestions for recipes or whatever feel free to leave a comment. I love trying new stuff 🙂

Well i’m going to sign off before this gets too rambley …

Oh! I have got a BUNCH of super cute new Coffee Cup Cozy’s and Travel Mug Sleeves in my shop for valentines day!
My grandmother crochet a bunch of little hearts and sent them my way 🙂

and if you’re interested we are doing Free Shipping on all orders from now until Valentines Day ❤
 This is the newest Travel Mug Cozy of the bunch, and probably my personal favorite ❤











Hope everyone had a great week! And if any of you are sick i feel for you!!!