Pink Hair, Borderlands, HairBows, Election, and an all around update

So, to avoid negative posts about my frustration with politics I have avoided posting for the past few weeks.

And even with the election over I know about half of the US is complaining and bitching but NOT HERE!

Gary Johnson got over 1% off the votes (not much I know) BUT it’s the most a libertarian candidate has ever gotten. Anyway, it’s over. Now we have to see if congress can actually work together to get some things done. HA. Okay moving onto the fun stuff.


I dyed my hair pink!! And I don’t have really any decent pictures yet but soon hopefully.



This is of course not natural light, the pink is softer than this, not quite as bright after a few washes.
And I’m pretty sure this is about the only thing I HAVEN’T done to my hair yet. I hadn’t dyed it in a year and was itching to do something fun. Granted pink hair, piercings, and tattoos gets me some awesome looks in our super conservative area but if I actually cared I wouldn’t have those things. Anyone who makes a snap judgement like that probably isn’t worth getting to know anyway!

So next on the update list BORDERLANDS!!

I am super behind on my video gaming and was recently convinced by everyone I know that I HAD to play borderlands, I also got Oblivion, and FableII.

Borderlands so far might be one of the best games I’ve played for a very long time! James and I are co-oping. we’re about 3/4 of the way through the game and we LOVE IT!! It’s a great compromise for us because I love RPGs and he likes FPS with little to no story line.

Fable has been fun as well, quite a time sink, I get caught up and then all of a sudden it’s been a few hours. But overall I like it, nice easy-ish fun game. Plus I like the story line.

Now … Oblivion … I’ve been dying to play the elder scrolls series for a long time. I’ve read amazing reviews, all my friends love it and from the sounds of it it’s a game I would enjoy a lot. Now, i’m fairly new to console gaming. I’ve always been a PC gamer. That being said, I panic and button mash! I also really don’t  like scary things, i’m easily frightened. not of blood and gore, that’s fine but things that jump out at you, i tend to scream, button mash, and promptly die. I haven’t spent much time with Oblivion, i’m still learning the controls and whatnot, but I have not made it past the first dungeon. Maybe after we finish Borderlands, and before we start BorderlandsII I’ll get some more time into it.

So that’s it for the game update.
Now onto the shop update.

I’ve been knitting hairbows like crazy and have been working out new patterns for coffee cozy’s and gloves!

I have also been trying to get back into the grove of listing a few things every day and focusing on smaller items.
I’ve already started getting custom orders for Christmas which is AWESOME! And I’m very excited about that!

As always if you are interested in anything from my shop my WordPress readers always get free shipping (including international) just use coupon code WORDPRESS when you check out ❤

Hope everyone has been well, and you’re not too stressed about the election!
Turkey Day is coming up, which means I’ll be posting some new recipes soon!!
Stay tuned!




You should be OUTRAGED!

Now I normally don’t post political things because there are enough blogs that do, I like my happy little world of crafts, books, and video games … BUT if SOPA is passed EVERYTHING I do WILL.BE.AFFECTED. Let me break it down for you in my own words then I’ll share some links with you for videos you can watch on the subject.

SOPA: also known as the Stop Online Piracy Act was introduced to the House of Reps on Oct 26. It is very similar to the ProtectIP act (that didn’t get passed) but SOPA is MUCH more extreme! To put it very simply under this act any website that has ALLEGED copyrighted material will get shut down, with no need for an investigation it will be shut down on accusation alone! Now this Act is being pushed by, you guessed it the large entertainment industry! So what they seem to be hiding behind (and how this act got so far) is that passing this will protect your jobs and will target people who steal illegal content. But this act does SO much more it’s disgusting. I’d like to break this down even further and put it in real world terms. Let me make it very clear that even if you don’t pirate things from illegal sites YOU WILL BE AFFECTED in a very large way! Oh and first offenders get 5 years in jail! again WITHOUT INVESTIGATION!

So let me give you some examples. Lets say, Joe Shmoe reads my blog and comments on it and in his comment posts a video link, or uses a quote and doesn’t site it properly …. well Joe isn’t held accountable for breaking the law WORDPRESS is! That means if there is any copyrighted material on WordPress weather it be comments or in the blog posts themselves WORDPRESS would get shut down! Shut down WITHOUT an investigation!!!! All it takes is an accusation!

Say goodbye to FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, REDDIT, 4CHAN, STUMBLEUPON, TUMBLER, PINTEREST … gone every single one of them! Because all it takes is ONE person to post something that is copyrighted and the entire site goes down. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it. Well that’s because it is absolutely absurd and the majority of the population has no clue what is going on! Also, take a good hard look at the people passing this bill and supporting this bill, the majority have no idea how to even use the internet.

There are plenty of websites out there saying by passing this act we’re saving jobs … I guess they’re referring to the jobs of the entertainment industry because people pirate movies and music (and well anything they want) passing this act WILL NOT MAKE PIRACY GO AWAY!! And if you consider yourself to be computer savvy you of course know this and are probably laughing to yourself. Which is exactly what I did when I first heard about the Protect IP act … literally laughed out loud and my next thought was “i’d love to see what would happen if the government attacked Anon directly”. Piracy will still happen I can assure you of that.

Now this will affect MY JOB directly! I have a shop on where I make my living … under this act if there is any copyrighted material on Etsy ETSY WILL GET SHUT DOWN! And trust me, there is a vast amount of copyrighted material on Etsy just do a search for Dr Who, or Harry Potter … none of those people have the rights to use and sell that stuff but they do. And like I’ve said before all it takes is an ACCUSATION and there is no need for INVESTIGATION! Even if Etsy were to get rid of anything that was copyrighted all it takes is accusation which means “she is using my *insert whatever here* that is copyrighted” even if it’s not true your site or the hosting site itself is held responsible and will be shut down!

This also means that if you Google something and find something that is copyrighted GOOGLE GETS SHUT DOWN! I should also mention that Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, and many more are very much AGAINST this Act being passed! Now that being said Reddit will be blacking out their site on January 18th in protest.

The majority of Americans don’t have the slightest clue what is going on, this was brought to the House in OCTOBER! I watch the news EVERYDAY the only thing I’ve seen about this is on the Colbert Report… EVERYONE should be reporting this EVERYONE should be talking about this and EVERYONE.SHOULD.BE.OUTRAGED.

Now this has been one of my more lengthy posts and most people wont read it … but it is my hope that those who do take the time to read it will share this information with friends and family and help spread the word. If you’re reading this and this is the first you’ve heard of this, do some more digging, there are some great video’s out there discussing the topic and explaining it more. The government wants to shut off our flow of information … and if we do nothing they will pass this law and many more laws infringing on our constitutional rights as Americans. And if you’re one of those people that reads this and thinks “well they can’t do that, it’ll never pass”. NDAA passed …. oh you don’t know what NDAA is?! Well without getting into it too deeply NDAA stands for the National Defense Authorization ACT, it allows for unconstitutional arrest and indefinite detainment of American citizens…The rights you thought you had are slowly slipping away while you play farmville and angry birds …

Other countries that have similar laws as these … China, North Korea, Iran, Syria …. just to name a few. If you dont’ help spread the word, if you ignore what is going on around you can kiss your rights goodbye.

oh and just one more thing this is not a “it’s Obama’s fault” “it’s Bush’s fault” “it’s congresses fault” if this passes it will be OUR fault because WE DIDN’T STOP THEM! This can be stopped! You each have a voice USE IT or you will loose it.

Onto the video’s.

I will be following Reddits lead on January 18th. My shop will be closed with a message about SOPA in it’s place, along with my website, facebook and twitter accounts. I’ll also be writing letters to my representatives and raising awareness as much as I possibly can.

I’m using my voice, are you using yours?

my rant about GameStop and overpriced video games

So last night James and I had “date night” but since it was a work night we just went to dinner and didn’t see a movie. Plus it’s way cheaper to go to the movies in the early afternoon! So on our way home we stopped at GameStop because we’ve been wanting to get MarioKart for our Wii … well … last time we were there they had MarioKart used (with the wheels) for $35. Last night they didnt’ have any with the wheels left which is fine because we probably wouldn’t use them anyway. So used WITHOUT wheels was still $35 … and we all know the Video Game companies don’t get any money if you buy used video games, so I always look for the new version because if it’s not too much more expensive I’ll buy new… well they didnt’ have any new MarioKart games (which astounds me but anyway) so we bought the used game, and also picked up Fallout3 because they had it in a bin for less than $10. So we’re all excited because we both love MarioKart, i mean who doesn’t. And it will also be a great game we can take to our friends house so we can all play together… any-who, so we get home and pop it in the Wii and it doesn’t work…. we tried everything and still couldn’t get it to work! Now my first thought is “well what if we didn’t live near a gamestop! or what if this was a gift!” When I lived in Maine our nearest gamestop was an hour away! Shouldn’t they be testing their used games and if they are damaged, unusable then you can’t return them!!!! OR you don’t charge 35 DOLLARS !!!! Maybe i’m cheap I don’t know but I was very upset, okay not very upset let’s say i was baffled. We got the new Battlefield game and it was 60 bucks, i just think that much is ridiculous. So yea, I was kind of pissed that we got this game home and it didn’t work. And I think 60 dollars is just too expensive for a game, I feel you can’t play it enough to get your monies worth, AND if you are playing 24/7 you need to go outside and take a walk or read a book! I love video games but it’s starting to get out of hand!

So on another kind of related note, like I said earlier we got Fallout3 … now let me give you a little background about me, like I said I love video games! BUT I DO NOT like scary video games!! I like RPGs and I have played (succesfully) FPS but they irritate me really quickly. I just want a pretty, non linear, RPG. So Fallout is okay so far, and to be honest I haven’t gotten far because I got frustrated last night. One of the things that completely turns me off from video games is when they start stressing me out, because then I start button mashing and that never ends well. So the thing that was setting me off last night (that led to turning the game off) was the music (in the vault) whenever something bad gets near me the music gets really … i dont know how to describe it … but stressful … which makes me panicky and it just stops being fun. Now i’m not saying I dont want to slay dragons or fight bad things … but i’d like to figure out the damn controls first!

well rant over …

Tomorrow I should have a new recipe for you! =) We’re going over to our friends for dinner and i’m going to make a broccoli casserole. ❤


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Things that are keeping me from actually working right now

I woke up way to early this morning and decided I would dye my hair. Nothing crazy (this time) just blonde, or what I like to call “luna blonde” which is what color my hair normally is but I have been known to dye it red randomly. So yea blonde, hair dye, and I just got my hair cut a month or so ago, which means i never style my hair anymore because I miss the length. It was down to the middle of my back and I cut about 9-10 inches off


This is what color my hair is now ❤ Also I want that hat.


As of right now I have 4 projects I should be working on … 3 coffee cup cozies for a customer and an infinity/loop scarf for another customer. But alas I have been distracted by the lovely internet haha oh and shopping

Image I just bought this from AE, I think it’ll look cute with a long sleeve shirt underneath it. Perfect for thanksgiving =) … Plus it was on sale. 

Well since I only have 3 more hours until I head over to my friends for dinner I guess I should actually get some real work done. 


Oh Zelda update, I played for an hour yesterday and only caught 1 damn fish! I’m so sick of being in the town! I like RPGs but sometimes the trivial stuff gets really annoying and I have no idea if I’m doing something wrong and that’s why i’m not catching fish but I’m doing the same thing I did when I caught the first one. Stupid cat and depressed crazy cat woman. I had planned on returning the game to my friend when we go over for dinner but I told him i’m holding it hostage for another 2 weeks haha. But if i keep getting frustrated with this I’m going to just skip and play Fable.

AND because we aren’t doing thanksgiving until Sunday because that’s when the family will be here, we are going to go black Friday shopping, even though I hate it and think it’s dumb and have successfully avoided going. What made me change my mind you ask? Well xbox 360 games at Sams Club are going to be 30-40$ instead of 60$ …. so I will deal with crowds for video games. 


But really I need to knit now … ta ta



New blog!

So this being my first post on wordpress it’s pretty obvious i’m new. I have a blog on blogger but have been told over and over again to blog here instead or in addition too. So I figured i’d give it a try. I am new to blogging in general and to be completely honest I get into good weeks and sometimes months where i blog everyday, then something happens and i fall of the blogging blanwagon and don’t blog for days or even months.

But since this is my first time here I figured I’d tell you a little about me ❤

Well first off, Hi my name is Michaela and I live in TN. I moved here a year ago from Maine with my boyfriend. Back in Maine I studied Culinary Arts for 4 years and was a pastry chef at a local restaurant. Cooking and crafts is my passion. Last September I opened an Etsy shop for my hand knit accessories and have been selling for over  year now. I love designing and creating new things and that is what my blog will mostly be about. I am a big believer in DIY, why pay for something you can make or do yourself for a fraction of the cost?

I am also a huge geek and it all started with Lord of the Rings. I’ve always been an avid reader and science fiction and fantasy hold a special place in my heart. I just started getting into console games, we just got a Wii and we have an xbox360. I’m very behind when it comes to video games but my friends are catching me up. Right now i’m playing Zelda Twilight Princess, then I plan on playing Fable 2&3 then starting with the TES games starting with Morrowind.

So if you follow this blog, look forward to a bunch of DIY crafting ideas, fashion and beauty, random things I find on Etsy, books I think you should read, new recipes I try, video games i’m frustrated at because i’m a noob, and current projects i’m working on for my own Etsy shop.