Mittens now available!

I’m finishing up the grey mittens today, then starting the red ones. I also have yarn to do mens mittens ūüôā and i’ve been working on leg warmers in the evenings.


If you’re interested you can visit my shop pages. I have shops on Etsy, and on TheCraftStar.

Photo Shoot!!!

This is going to be a rather¬†lengthy¬†post … but it’s mostly pictures ūüôā

I have a major backlog of cowls and scarves that need to be photographed and today was the day it finally got done… okay a portion of it got done, but it’s progress.

Previous to this photo session our pictures were just basic and in front of a white back drop, I was told to do this by a number of people on Etsy. However after listening to some advice from an actual photographer on TheCraftStar I decided to change things up a bit.


Needless to say we had a fun day.


No makeup, this is before the shoot. Someday I plan on doing a make-up tutorial since a few people have asked for one. I now have some before and after pictures! I generally only wear makeup for photo sessions so I’m a bit out of practice.

After makeup… man i really need to clean my mirror! Gross!


Moving on.

New oatmeal cowl, made from Peruvian highland wool, 100% ecological wool

Isis decided to grace us with her presence … for all of 5 seconds before she started chasing butterflies again.

The Rainbow Scarf! This bad boy is about 10ft long, I need to remeasure to be sure, but it’s huge!! Silky soft and knit with vegan yarn.

I had to rock my sunglasses in a few shots to give my eyes a break, you can see the colors in the scarf, and the pattern much better in this shot.

Last but not least, the Lacework Cowls are back again this year! I had a ton of requests for them last year so I decided to add them again this season. So far I’ve got this pink, and a green. And can do a various array of colors.



All of these items can be found at:


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You’ve been warned, I haven’t had coffee yet

Like the title says .. you’ve been warned. I am in fact one of those people heavily dependent on coffee. And it’s not just the caffeine, I believe it’s the coffee itself. The warm comforting aroma is unmistakable in the early morning hours when I’ve been callously ripped out of my warm comfortable bed to make breakfast and pack lunch in the cold kitchen. Not that I detest waking up early, I rather enjoy it … just not the first hour or so … If I sleep in, which I usually only do when I’m sick, I feel as if I’ve wasted the entire day because I’m usually asleep around 9pm 10 at the latest. Last night however this was not the case … I had about 50 pages left of The Hunger Games so at 10pm when I still was wide awake I though, well I’ll read for a bit and that will help me shut my brain off and sleep …. I was very wrong … I finished The Hunger Games, and couldn’t resist starting Catching Fire (I have them all lined up on my Ereader). So … 3am rolls around and I think … well if I go to bed now that’ll be a good 3 hours of sleep … I haven’t thought that way since college! 3 hours of sleep doesn’t work for me, I revert into a fussy 5 year old.

On to the good stuff. So basically since I’m just now getting my first cup of coffee in my bloodstream don’t be surprised at grammatical errors and you may find words randomly for no reason … I tend to start a thought and then completely forget about it and move on before I’ve gotten a full sentence out.

It’s a rainy day here in Bristol, TN. Which calls for pajamas, television, knitting of course, and possibly an afternoon nap…. or midmorning nap depending on how it goes.

I have all the things I need to start Bri’s headband/neckwarmer

It’ll be like this only in Chocolate Brown, with a green button to fasten it. I need to be fully awake before I tackle that pattern though.
















Last night while at Michaels their ribbon was 50% off … not even sure what i’ll use ribbon for but I bought a bunch of it for 50 cents, I think it’ll be a great addition to my packaging for the items in my shop.
We also finished decorating for Christmas so I wanted to share those pictures with you as well.


















The Stockings might be my favorite, mostly because they were so affordable! The stockings were 97 cents and the letters were only 97 cents as well! All of the other stockings were upwards of $15 and I just refuse to pay that much for something that will only be displayed a few days out of the year. Well that’s all for now, I need to drink more coffee… maybe find a bagel or something.


I”ll leave you with this



I took this a few days ago … and am using a yellow mug now, but am not doing anything crazy like wearing jeans already… i’ve got a nice pair of yoga pants and one of the boyfriends tshirts. Perfectly curled up on the couch with a steaming mug of “Tricia Coffee” and about to watch Glee
‚̧ have a great day everyone!











Grab a cup of coffee and let’s catch up.

Well Thanksgiving was a BLAST! I hope everyone had a great time at their feasts!

Erin and her boyfriend left to go back to Cape Cod this morning, and James went to work so for the first time in 5 days the house was silent! It’s nice having family around but I am happy to be back to my routine. I feel very behind with my shop right now, I usually knit for hours every day and didn’t have a chance this weekend (not that i’d trade spending time with family for knitting haha!) This morning I got straight to work on a new Headband/Neckwarmer like this one

Only the new one is a light green

I was so excited when I sold the white one over the weekend. I wasn’t sure if they would sell or not.
Cyber Monday was GREAT for Etsy! and I’m happy to report my shop did well over the weekend!

Today to catch up on some of my knitting I worked on more coffee cup cozy’s,¬†I made 2 green and a brown one today, I can’t wait to show off some of my new button finds! I have some cool metal Celtic knots and an Irish Claddagh ring button

This is an example of one of my Cozy’s. This one is just a basic red one with a white stripe around the top.

I’m also working on getting more scarves like this one listed


Well moving on from Etsy stuff

Now that I’m back to my regularly¬†scheduled¬†program of a life, i’m happy to report I worked out today! I am still doing the Ballet Body workout and finding it a lot of fun ( My thighs are killing me), and a total throwback to my dance classes, which is fantastic! I also did AM 20 minute yoga today as well and am planning on doing the PM 20 minute yoga with James tonight and making that a habit we get into. And along with getting back in shape now that thanksgiving is over we’ll be back to eating healthy! I can’t wait to start gardening this spring, i’m having so much fun researching the urban gardening stuff and coming up with idea’s that we can do to grow all of our own fruits and veggies next year.

I just finished the second book in the “A Modern Witch” series by Debora Geary which was AWESOME! After I finish the 3rd book, which just came out I will do a book review on it. First I have to find it for my e-reader though. Which brings me to a new topic E-READERS!
I have a Sony Pocket E-Reader and I LOVE IT! I’ve had it for 3-4 years now, not quite sure, but I’ve had it since it came out. ¬†BUT it is getting old, and it’s just not as quick as some of the new ones. I would really like a touch screen one. Maybe I’ll write Santa and ask for one for Christmas ūüôā I’ve always disliked the E-Readers that weren’t E-Ink but the Kindle Fire might make me change my mind … who knows, maybe my Etsy shop will make enough money I can buy one for myself for my birthday! Even if I couldnt’ get the Kindle Fire, the Kindle Touch is only $99 dollars right now which is less than I spent on the one I have now

That’s all for now, I”m going to start knitting some dish cloths …



English Mesh Lace Pattern

This is one of the cowls I’ve made that is featured at my Etsy shop. This pattern is one of my favorites! ¬†Enjoy!

multiples of 6 plus 1

Row 1 and every alternative row: P

Row 2 K1, *yf, sl 1, K1, psso, K1, K2 tog, yf, K1, rep from *

Row 4 K1, *yf, K1, sl 1, K2 tog, psso, K1, yf, K1, rep fro *

Row 6 K1, *K2 tog, yf, K1, yf, sl 1, K1, psso, K1, rep from *

Row 8 K2 tog, *(K1, yf) twice, K1, sl 1, K2 tog, psso, rep from * to last 5 sts, (K1, yf) twice, K1 ssk

Hope you like this pattern as much as I do!
I use this pattern for both cowls and coffee cup cozies ‚̧

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