New pattern ideas!

For the past few days I’ve been toying with some patterns


Sketchbooks full of chicken scratch that a friend says looks like science haha. Well I can safely say I think I’ve perfected the basic hobo glove, which was giving me some trouble in and around the thumb area. And the bows are coming out very well using the seed stitch texture, i tried about half a dozen different stitches before i settled on that one. I’ve also decided I need to get into the habit of writing down my patterns instead of just attempting to knit them from memory.






Back to School SALE!

For the next few weeks I’ll be having a back to school sale with my Etsy shop!!! The sale is for your entire purchase and you get 15% off when you check out!!!

If you’re interested just use coupon code BackToSchool


Here are some of our current items we have for sale!






You can visit my shop by going to or simply click on one of the pictures above!

Mittens now available!

I’m finishing up the grey mittens today, then starting the red ones. I also have yarn to do mens mittens 🙂 and i’ve been working on leg warmers in the evenings.


If you’re interested you can visit my shop pages. I have shops on Etsy, and on TheCraftStar.

Fashion Trends I’ll take with me to 2012

For me 2011 was a complete roller coaster for fashion trends. I tried a lot of different things, not all of which panned out  (long boho skirts so not for me) so I want to make a list of trends I picked up throughout 2011 that I’ll continue to do in 2012.

This past summer I dressed very bohemian/hippy chic and it’s so comfy and awesome and I’d love to get more pieces but I need to come to terms with the fact that I look horrid in Maxi dresses and skirts either need to be touching your knee or touching the floor, not the awkward shin length that some of my skirts are. Unfortunately my summer style does a complete 180 when winter rolls around, I wear jeans, and boots with heals, sweaters and pea coats … not exactly boho or hippy chic … but I like it and I haven’t found many dresses I can wear in the winter, not that they don’t exist they just dont’ exisist in my wardrobe at the moment.

Let’s get on with it shall we… 

Hand Knit accessories! I made this Cowl for myself and wear it ALL the time!  It’s so cozy and warm, I love it! I also don’t think it will go out of style 😛

Ahh, boots … I got these from Charlotte Ruse when they were doing the buy 2 get the second pair for $15 deal. They rock, and are my everyday footwear this winter. Like I said earlier my winter style totally clashes with my summer style. But I just can’t help but love these boots! and for $15 … really .. could you not love them?

My summer sandals are not so “dressy”.

I have these in both black (as shown) and in gold. I love them, I don’t own regular flip flops because they give me blisters and for whatever reason these don’t bother my feet. So these are my summer shoes. along with my high top converse which I wear with denim shorts (which gets me a lot of funny looks for some reason)

My favorite summer dress! From AE, I have this in white, and was very tempted to buy the other colors as well. It could be a tad longer as i’m not super lady like and have a tendency to hike through the woods to get to a swimming hole … but oh well.

My hair has grown a bit since this picture was taken when I was learning how to french braid a few months ago but I still do my hair like this, I love the side french braid. I have side swept bangs so it’s nice to have them tucked away once in a while.

Last but certainly not least, nail polish. I experimented a lot in 2011, and will continue to do so in 2012. I’ve gotten into a great habit of not letting my nails get too chipped and old looking before I re-paint, I’ve rediscovered the joys in giving myself a mani-pedi ❤ So light/neutral colors in the summer, and dark colors in the winter ❤

My New Years Resolutions:

1. Save money!
2. Get outside more
3. Meditate regularly


As always if you’re interested in an item from my Etsy shop, please use coupon code WORDPRESS when checking out. All of my wordpress readers get free shipping ❤

Grab a cup of coffee and let’s catch up.

Well Thanksgiving was a BLAST! I hope everyone had a great time at their feasts!

Erin and her boyfriend left to go back to Cape Cod this morning, and James went to work so for the first time in 5 days the house was silent! It’s nice having family around but I am happy to be back to my routine. I feel very behind with my shop right now, I usually knit for hours every day and didn’t have a chance this weekend (not that i’d trade spending time with family for knitting haha!) This morning I got straight to work on a new Headband/Neckwarmer like this one

Only the new one is a light green

I was so excited when I sold the white one over the weekend. I wasn’t sure if they would sell or not.
Cyber Monday was GREAT for Etsy! and I’m happy to report my shop did well over the weekend!

Today to catch up on some of my knitting I worked on more coffee cup cozy’s, I made 2 green and a brown one today, I can’t wait to show off some of my new button finds! I have some cool metal Celtic knots and an Irish Claddagh ring button

This is an example of one of my Cozy’s. This one is just a basic red one with a white stripe around the top.

I’m also working on getting more scarves like this one listed


Well moving on from Etsy stuff

Now that I’m back to my regularly scheduled program of a life, i’m happy to report I worked out today! I am still doing the Ballet Body workout and finding it a lot of fun ( My thighs are killing me), and a total throwback to my dance classes, which is fantastic! I also did AM 20 minute yoga today as well and am planning on doing the PM 20 minute yoga with James tonight and making that a habit we get into. And along with getting back in shape now that thanksgiving is over we’ll be back to eating healthy! I can’t wait to start gardening this spring, i’m having so much fun researching the urban gardening stuff and coming up with idea’s that we can do to grow all of our own fruits and veggies next year.

I just finished the second book in the “A Modern Witch” series by Debora Geary which was AWESOME! After I finish the 3rd book, which just came out I will do a book review on it. First I have to find it for my e-reader though. Which brings me to a new topic E-READERS!
I have a Sony Pocket E-Reader and I LOVE IT! I’ve had it for 3-4 years now, not quite sure, but I’ve had it since it came out.  BUT it is getting old, and it’s just not as quick as some of the new ones. I would really like a touch screen one. Maybe I’ll write Santa and ask for one for Christmas 🙂 I’ve always disliked the E-Readers that weren’t E-Ink but the Kindle Fire might make me change my mind … who knows, maybe my Etsy shop will make enough money I can buy one for myself for my birthday! Even if I couldnt’ get the Kindle Fire, the Kindle Touch is only $99 dollars right now which is less than I spent on the one I have now

That’s all for now, I”m going to start knitting some dish cloths …