New mitten styles

Both shops are up and running! One of TheCraftStar and one on Etsy!

I’ve been working on a new pattern for mittens, I think I have the first one down, a basic cabled mitten

Grey Cabled Mittens


The other style i’m working on will be a lace pattern similar to the travel mug sleeves

I am now looking for color suggestions! What are the predictions for fall and winter colors this year?!

Gearing up for Winter!

grey3 pink1 teal and brown 3


I’ve relaunched my online store, on The Craftstar! I am very exciting and hopefully we being getting the Etsy shop back up soon as well but for now I’m just selling locally and on the Craftstar’s new website!

I’m listing more things every day! Mittens, Hats, Scarves, Hair Bows


So I got slammed with custom orders this month, and thanks to a few all nighters got everything out in time for Christmas!

It’s too late now to get an order to to you before the 25th but who doesn’t love an after christmas sale!


An Apocalypse sale!!

All day long on (starting at midnight) on the 21st we’ll be hosting another 50% off sale!



This will also serve as the “after christmas sale”


Today I am making more iPhone cases because we have sold out, and are close to selling out of the coffee mug cozies, but this would be a great time to get some cowls and scarves!!!!

You Get it First!! Cyber Monday Coupon!!

50% off ALL ORDERS!!


with a twist, WordPress readers will get the coupon code NOW!


Coupon Code for 50% off your purchase is ROBOTS
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I’m off to the hospital for an ultrasound on my thyroid. Fun times.
If you have any questions about the sale you can email me, or leave a comment here, or convo me on Etsy I’ll be able to respond pretty quickly.

It’s just a band-aid

So I haven’t had health¬†insurance¬†for the past 6 years, therefor no doctors visits for me. I’m 23, healthy, happy, fit. I eat pretty well (we’re going to ignore the pint of starbucks ice cream i ate this morning) and i¬†exercise¬†daily.

I am now faced with the all too typical “treat it with a pill and move on” epidemic that has taken over this nation. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism yesterday. And this is how it all went down.

Doctor: oh, btw you’re going to get a call from the lab, you have Hypothyroidism. They’re going to need to know where to send your prescription. You’ll take it once a day, same time every day, for the rest of your life. And you’ll come back to see me in 6-8 weeks and we’ll check your levels again.

Me: umm … okay?

for some reason the only thing I think of to ask is “does this mean i’m at a greater risk for thyroid cancer” she said no.

I should have asked more questions of course, but I felt pretty blindsided. That and I was a bit distracted with the mammogram, and pelvic exam I was getting.

I spent the rest of the afternoon researching Hypothyroidism, and the different drugs prescribed. Now for me personally I prefer to try and correct any nutritional defficiencies¬†or health issues naturally before pumping synthetic drugs into my system. For instance I used to have very very low iron levels, i added more iron rich foods to my diet (instead of taking a pill), now my iron levels are normal. Call me crazy but i’d rather change my diet, or add something to my lifestyle than pop a pill every day for the rest of my life with god knows what side effects.

Well the lab called later in the afternoon to ask where to send the script and at that point I was level headed enough to ask some questions. My TSH was 15.72 (normal is 0-3) and my T4 is .58 which apparently is normal. So they are prescribing Synthroid which is a synthetic drug that gives you T4. When I went to pick up my script I noticed they gave me Levothyroid which is the generic brand but has problems of its own and i’ll get into those later.

So from what I understand, T4 makes T3. My T4 levels are fine, so my body isn’t making the T3 out of the T4 it has. How is pumping more T4 into my body going to change that? Isn’t there a replacement I can take that has T3 if that’s what I’m missing. (there is, it’s called Amour and it’s a Natural Desiccated Thyroid medication <NDT>)


Something is inhibiting my body from producing T3, and I would like to now what it is. In a lot of cases it is Gluten and a Gluten free diet can fix that. If of course you are willing to change your lifestyle, which I would gladly do if it meant I wasn’t¬†dependent¬†on a drug.

¬†So some of the basic questions I asked myself, that i’m still finding answers to:

Is this a symptom of a bigger problem? For instance Celiac disease, or a vitamin D deficiency.

Are there alternative treatments instead of synthetic drugs? Detox, Amour, Paleo diet, gluten free/dairy free diet.


Now the other problem, and probably the larger picture, is that if I start taking this drug and it does “fix” my thyroid levels there are some pretty¬†devastating¬†side effects. and then we’d be treating the side effects with more pills. This snowballs out of control very quickly. For instance, Depression and Weight Gain are the most common side effects, so you treat the depression with anti – depressants which have their own side effects. And the weight gain can cause high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

According to a vast amount of case study’s I’ve read people who take high doses of thyroid medication are also taking anti depression medication, high blood pressure meds, and¬†cholesterol¬†meds. (which is why those are the three i brought up in the paragraph above)

A lot of people are coming at me saying things like “this¬†isn’t¬† a big deal”, “just take the meds and you’ll be fine” “tons of people have it” But why would you take a pill, a medication that wasn’t even explained to you for a disease that wasn’t explained to you, without exploring all other options. Don’t you owe it to yourself and your body to help it fix this naturally? If there is something I am eating that is blocking my¬†thyroid¬†from doing it’s job, and all I have to do to correct that is to change my diet isn’t that a better treatment than taking a pill for the rest of my life. A pill that has life altering side effects (side effects worse than the disease itself). Not to mention you’d be fixing the root problem instead of putting a¬†band-aid¬†on the symptom.


I have an¬†appointment¬†next week with another doctor, at a practice that specifically doesn’t throw pills at people and tries natural cures before pills. So we’ll see how that goes.

New Pattern for iPhone cases!

In the past¬†I’ve¬†attempted¬†to make iPod/Zune and iPhone cases but I could just never find that sweet spot. Until yesterday when I basically had an epiphany which is¬†ridiculous¬†since the answer had been staring me in the face the whole time! But since I sprained my ankle I’ve had a lot of down time on the couch to think, and create new patterns and experiment. Which led me to my new phone cases!


I’m working on more today, and am taking custom orders. I have most colors in stock!


As always wordpress readers get free shipping (including international) on all orders. If you’re interested in anything from my shop just use coupon code WORDPRESS


Pink Hair, Borderlands, HairBows, Election, and an all around update

So, to avoid negative posts about my frustration with politics I have avoided posting for the past few weeks.

And even with the election over I know about half of the US is complaining and bitching but NOT HERE!

Gary Johnson got over 1% off the votes (not much I know) BUT it’s the most a libertarian candidate has ever gotten. Anyway, it’s over. Now we have to see if congress can actually work together to get some things done. HA. Okay moving onto the fun stuff.


I dyed my hair pink!! And I don’t have really any decent pictures yet but soon hopefully.



This is of course not natural light, the pink is softer than this, not quite as bright after a few washes.
And I’m pretty sure this is about the only thing I HAVEN’T done to my hair yet. I hadn’t dyed it in a year and was itching to do something fun. Granted pink hair, piercings, and tattoos gets me some awesome looks in our super conservative area but if I actually cared I¬†wouldn’t¬†have those things. Anyone who makes a snap¬†judgement¬†like that probably isn’t worth getting to know anyway!

So next on the update list BORDERLANDS!!

I am super behind on my video gaming and was recently convinced by everyone I know that I HAD to play borderlands, I also got Oblivion, and FableII.

Borderlands so far might be one of the best games I’ve played for a very long time! James and I are co-oping. we’re about 3/4 of the way through the game and we LOVE IT!! It’s a great compromise for us because I love RPGs and he likes FPS with little to no story line.

Fable has been fun as well, quite a time sink, I get caught up and then all of a sudden it’s been a few hours. But overall I like it, nice easy-ish fun game. Plus I like the story line.

Now … Oblivion … I’ve been dying to play the elder scrolls series for a long time. I’ve read amazing reviews, all my friends love it and from the sounds of it it’s a game I would enjoy a lot. Now, i’m fairly new to console gaming. I’ve always been a PC gamer. That being said, I panic and button mash! I also really¬†don’t¬† like scary things, i’m easily frightened. not of blood and gore, that’s fine but things that jump out at you, i tend to scream, button mash, and promptly die. I haven’t spent much time with Oblivion, i’m still learning the controls and whatnot, but I have not made it past the first¬†dungeon. Maybe after we finish Borderlands, and before we start BorderlandsII I’ll get some more time into it.

So that’s it for the game update.
Now onto the shop update.

I’ve been knitting hairbows like crazy and have been working out new patterns for coffee cozy’s and gloves!

I have also been trying to get back into the grove of listing a few things every day and focusing on smaller items.
I’ve already started getting custom orders for Christmas which is AWESOME! And I’m very excited about that!

As always if you are interested in anything from my shop my WordPress readers always get free shipping (including international) just use coupon code WORDPRESS when you check out ‚̧

Hope everyone has been well, and you’re not too stressed about the election!
Turkey Day is coming up, which means I’ll be posting some new recipes soon!!
Stay tuned!



New Hats!

I’ve been working on a few new hat patterns. Right now i’m only able to do newborn hats since I don’t have long enough double pointed needles to knit adult hats, but those will be coming soon! Hopefully this weekend if I can get out to Abingdon to the yarn shop.¬†

I’m trying very hard to get myself into the habit of writing down everything I try and do. That way next fall when I start on hats, mittens, etc I have something to jog my memory instead of relying on recall alone haha.

I have made 2 basic newborn hats so far. And I THINK I’ve got a new cabled hat pattern properly worked out but we’ll see. I also have to find my cabling needle.



(by clicking on the pictures above you will be linked to my shop page where these two hats are for sale for $12)

I am working on knitting some brighter colored hats now. I’m also knitting all of these hats with a soft vegan yarn. So far it’s the softest on skin I’ve found. I will be looking at some more options this weekend though. Perhaps a cotton bamboo blend. From what I understand the biggest request is that baby clothes are soft and machine washable. Which I totally understand! Baby’s can be very messy creatures haha.


If you or anyone you know is interested in some hand knit items please check out my shop ūüôā

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